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NeoXcellTM Treatment


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Plastic Surgeons Success Stories
with Elixir MDTM

  • Dr. Kevin Sadati

    Facial Plastic Surgeon

    “It's been a game changer for us in terms of postoperative care. It pampers our patients. They feel more comfortable getting additional treatment”

  • Dr. Christopher Asandra

    Anti-Aging Physician

    “I chose ELIXIR MD because for a long time we didn't have the healing and the anti-aging treatments that ELIXIR MD offers”


The NeoXcell™ Treatment is designed for comprehensive skin rejuvenation, combining Thermal™ and Cellular Repair™ technologies to enhance healing, boost firmness, and balance skin tone.

How it Works?

It is a unique therapy that delivers a comprehensive skin rejuvenation experience. Stimulating the lymphatic system, and enhancing the elimination of waste and excess fluid, is crucial post-surgery. Simultaneously, it promotes positive cellular activity, with fibroblasts secreting collagen proteins to maintain tissue integrity and expedite healing. As a result, the skin gains firmness and structural support, improving elasticity. The balancing of melanin production further prevents pigmented lesions, ensuring a uniform complexion. By harmonizing these processes, NeoXcell™ offers a complete solution for long-term skin health and vibrancy.

Key Benefits

  • Reducing Post-Surgical Swelling and Discomfort:

    NeoXcell™ effectively stimulates the lymphatic system, leading to a marked reduction in swelling and discomfort. This aids in a smoother and faster recovery, ensuring patients can comfortably return to their daily activities with minimal downtime.


  • Enhanced Collagen Production and Skin Firmness

    By stimulating collagen synthesis, NeoXcell™ enhances skin firmness and elasticity. This is particularly beneficial for patients seeking to improve the tone and texture of their skin, contributing to a more youthful and revitalized appearance post-treatment.


  • Balanced Skin Tone and Prevention of Pigmented Lesions

    NeoXcell™ plays a crucial role in balancing melanin production, reducing the likelihood of hyperpigmentation following surgery. This leads to a more uniform complexion and an overall improved skin appearance, helping patients achieve aesthetically pleasing results with long-lasting rejuvenation.


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