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Rejuvenate and Renew


Seamless Skin Preparation and Recovery: Enhancing your journey to healing with nurturing, holistic care.

Plastic Surgeons Success Stories
with Elixir MDTM

  • Dr. Kevin Sadati

    Facial Plastic Surgeon

    “It's been a game changer for us in terms of postoperative care. It pampers our patients. They feel more comfortable getting additional treatment”

  • Dr. Christopher Asandra

    Anti-Aging Physician

    “I chose ELIXIR MD because for a long time we didn't have the healing and the anti-aging treatments that ELIXIR MD offers”


The ELIXIR Detox™ Treatment is designed to treat acne vulgaris and reduce bacterial load effectively. Ensuring safer pre- and post-surgical conditions to avoid complications.

How it Works?

The ELIXIR Detox™ Treatment, utilizing Blue Light technology, primarily targets acne vulgaris, effectively reducing skin inflammation and acne-related concerns. Additionally, it optimizes skin health for surgical procedures by creating a sterile and stable environment. This is achieved by significantly reducing bacterial load, oils, toxins, and secretions on the skin's surface. Such preparation is key in minimizing the risk of infection and post-operative complications, thus ensuring the safest conditions for both surgery and recovery.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Acne-Causing Bacteria

    The Elixir Detox™ Treatment's Blue Light technology effectively targets and reduces bacteria that cause acne vulgaris. This action helps lower skin inflammation, aiding in clearer skin.

  • Safe Pre-Surgery Skin Preparation

    By emitting a specific light wavelength, the treatment plays a crucial role in pre-surgical care. It reduces bacterial load, oils, toxins, and skin secretions, creating a cleaner and more sterile surface for surgery.

  • Enhanced Post-Surgery Recovery

    The treatment's ability to cleanse and sterilize the skin promotes safer surgical procedures and smoother recoveries. It significantly reduces the risk of post-surgical infections and complications.


Join the forefront of surgical innovation with ELIXIR MDTM. Enhance your practice and patient outcomes.