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Revolutionize Recovery

Harness the Power
of Cellular Repair

Discover the Future of Post-Surgical Care with ELIXIR MDTM Advanced Cellular Repair.

Plastic Surgeons Success Stories
with Elixir MDTM

  • Dr. Kevin Sadati

    Facial Plastic Surgeon

    “It's been a game changer for us in terms of postoperative care. It pampers our patients. They feel more comfortable getting additional treatment”

  • Dr. Christopher Asandra

    Anti-Aging Physician

    “I chose ELIXIR MD because for a long time we didn't have the healing and the anti-aging treatments that ELIXIR MD offers”


The ELIXIR Cellular Repair™ treatment focuses on accelerating tissue regeneration and promoting cellular growth, crucial for enhanced healing post-surgery.

How it Works?

The ELIXIR MDTM Cellular Repair™ Treatment harnesses the power of photobiomodulation, using yellow light to stimulate cellular activity and promote tissue repair. This innovative process involves light absorption by skin cell photoreceptors, triggering a cascade of mitochondrial and cellular reactions. These reactions enhance tissue regeneration, boost cellular energy, and improve healing. Particularly effective for superficial layers due to its epidermal focus, yellow light therapy plays a crucial role in reducing inflammation and expediting recovery, making it ideal for post-surgical healing and reducing downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Healing with Yellow Light

    Yellow light therapy stimulates cellular repair and regeneration, significantly accelerating the healing process following surgeries and skin treatments.

  • Reduced Down Time

    Patients experience minimal downtime, allowing a quicker return to daily activities due to the treatment's efficiency.

  • Decreased Inflammation and Swelling

    The anti-inflammatory properties of yellow light effectively reduce post-surgical swelling and inflammation, promoting comfort and better surgical outcomes.


Join the forefront of surgical innovation with ELIXIR MDTM. Enhance your practice and patient outcomes.