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ELIXIR MDTM, an FDA-cleared medical-grade device, is exclusively designed for Plastic Surgeons to transform post-surgical care. It employs advanced photobiomodulation technology, infusing energy into the skin with varying light wavelengths. Each wavelength is precisely calibrated to penetrate different skin layers, enhancing specific healing mechanisms. Deeper wavelengths stimulate cellular repair and tissue regeneration, while surface-level wavelengths reduce redness and swelling.

ELIXIR MDTM design puts patients first, offering hands-free operation for a more relaxed and stress-free recovery experience. The adjustable light intensity ensures precise energy delivery tailored to individual needs, while the ergonomic structure and uniform light distribution maximize comfort and therapeutic effectiveness. This healing device not only expedites the healing process but also transforms recovery into a time of relaxation and rejuvenation, setting the highest standards of patient care.



  • Accelerated Healing Process

    ELIXIR MDTM significantly reduces recovery times, enhancing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency for surgeons.

  • Reduced Pain and Discomfort

    The technology provides a more comfortable recovery experience, alleviating pain and discomfort for patients.

  • Minimized Swelling and Bruising

    ELIXIR MDTM helps visibly reduce swelling and bruising, enhancing post-operative aesthetics and boosting patient confidence.

  • Customizable Treatment Options

    Its customizable treatments cater to individual recovery needs, offering personalized care for each patient.

  • Hands-Free, Relaxing Experience

    The device's hands-free operation allows for a relaxing and stress-free recovery, prioritizing patient comfort.


  • Dr. Kevin Sadati

    Facial Plastic Surgeon

    “It's been a game changer for us in terms of postoperative care. It pampers our patients. They feel more comfortable getting additional treatment”

    Dr. Kevini Sadati
  • Dr. Hisham Seify

    Plastic Surgeon
    UCLA Associate Clinical Professor

    We had great success with our patients improving their post operative recovery. Patient comes from out of town and ask; Can I find this technology in the city where I am?

  • Dr. Christopher Asandra

    Anti-Aging Physician

    “I chose ELIXIR MD because for a long time we didn't have the healing and the anti-aging treatments that ELIXIR MD offers”

    Dr. Christopher Asandra
The Physician’s Challenge


Problem 01
Solution 01

Surgical Complications: Infection and Bacterial Load

Surgeons constantly strive to mitigate risks like infections and bacterial load, which can complicate the surgical process and recovery. Patients, on the other hand, grapple with concerns about these risks, adding stress and anxiety to their recovery journey.

Enhance Surgical Safety and Reduce Complications

ELIXIR MDTM proactively reduces the risks of post-surgical infections, uncontrolled bleeding, and other issues. It does so by fortifying the body's natural healing mechanisms, ensuring safer surgical outcomes and peace of mind for both patients and surgeons.

Problems with Healing

Post-surgical swelling, bruising, and inflammation are significant concerns for surgeons as they directly impact patient recovery and satisfaction. For patients, these issues not only cause physical discomfort but also delay the visible results of the surgery, affecting their morale.

Rapid Healing and Reduced Physical Discomfort

The device’s targeted light energy significantly mitigates common post-surgical issues like swelling, bruising, and inflammation. This not only speeds up the physical healing process but also provides a more comfortable and reassuring recovery experience for patients.

Delayed Healing & Long Downtime

The extended time required for healing can be a bottleneck for surgeons, limiting their ability to schedule follow-up procedures and impacting their practice efficiency. For patients, prolonged downtime means more time away from normal activities and work, leading to frustration and a sense of stagnation.

Minimize Recovery Time and Enhanced Practice Efficiency

By accelerating the healing timeline, ELIXIR MDTM allows patients to return to their daily lives sooner, reducing overall downtime. This efficiency is a boon for surgeons as well, as it optimizes patient turnover and care management.

Mirror Anxiety and Emotional Pain

Surgeons know that post-surgery recovery can be tough emotionally for patients. They often worry about how they look while healing, and this 'mirror anxiety' can be as hard as the physical recovery.

Alleviate Emotional Distress and Mirror Anxiety

ELIXIR MDTM contributes to a positive recovery journey by visibly improving the healing process, thereby easing emotional and psychological discomfort. Patients can confidently track their progress, reducing anxiety and enhancing satisfaction with their surgical results.

Tailored Treatments for


ELIXIR MDTM suite of treatments harnesses the power of light at specific wavelengths, targeting cellular responses to enhance both surgical outcomes and patient recovery.


Thermal Treatment uses Red Light (633±10nm) to stimulate mitochondrial activity in cells, enhancing tissue repair and blood flow. This aids surgeons in achieving better post-operative results and provides patients with a quicker, more comfortable healing process.

More about Thermal™


Detox™ Treatment employs Blue Light (417±10nm) to cleanse the skin at a cellular level, reducing bacterial load. Surgeons benefit from a cleaner surgical site, while patients experience a reduced risk of post-operative complications.

Learn More


Cellular™ utilizes Yellow Light (599±10nm) to activate cellular repair mechanisms deep within the tissue. It speeds up the healing process for patients, allowing surgeons to observe more efficient and effective recovery.

Learn More


NeoXcellTM combines Red and Yellow Light to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. This treatment enhances the skin’s appearance post-surgery, delighting patients with visible improvements and aiding surgeons in providing superior cosmetic results.

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RoxiumTM leverages a blend of Blue and Yellow Light to strengthen skin structure by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. This results in lasting aesthetic enhancements for patients and provides surgeons with more pronounced and lasting surgical outcomes.

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Patients Share Their ELIXIR MDTM Stories
  • Nicole

    Cool Peel Patient

    I needed to have my downtime as minimal as possible, So I gave it short. It worked out so well.

    Nicole Bagheri
  • Linda

    Facelift Surgery Patient
From Our CEO

Committed to Your Healing Journey

"From my own experience with surgery, I realized we needed a change. That's how Elixir MD started – it's more than just a device; it's a promise to you for faster healing and a better recovery experience.”






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